Why freelancers in South Africa are joining Weworx

Excerpt: Here is why freelancers all around South Africa are now joining the online freelance marketplace called Weworx.



Online freelance service marketplace Weworx provides a secure and innovative platform for service seekers to find and hire a freelancer with a particular type of skill and for freelancers to advertise and offer their services remotely.


As such, Weworx creates an extensive network of freelancers and service seekers to easily connect and collaborate with each other online via Weworx’s website or mobile application.



A wide variety of freelancers with diverse skills are available on Weworx, which would most certainly meet any type of professional service one might require.


These services may range from anything for example, graphic designing, digital marketing, writing services, translation services, videography and photography production services, drafting of documentation, music production and editing service, accounting services and various other projects.


Why choose Weworx?


Weworx’s website and mobile application is user friendly, easy to navigate and the list of freelancers is display professionally. The benefits of using Weworx are as follows:


  • Service seekers


Weworx makes it fast, simple, and cost-effective for service seekers (whom do not have the time, skill or resources to perform a specific service) to access and connect anywhere, anytime, in a large pool of quality freelancers with some of the best to assist with their specific service needs.


  • Freelancers


Weworx provide freelancers with the freedom and flexibility to advertise and turn their knowledge, skill or hobby into a source of income.


Weworx is not only limited to freelancers, but existing professionals or SMEs can also utilise this platform to expand their services and compete within the entire online marketplace of South Africa!


  • Transacting


Transacting payments through Weworx are secure which ensure peace of mind to both the freelancer and service seeker.


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